Five Deadly Sins

Nonfiction by | April 29, 2013

The act of praying or the sambahayang is one of the famous rituals of Muslims. Muslims must perform the sambahayang at least five times a day. I perform the sambahayang, but not five times a day. I do it five times a month when I have the time, or at least once every three months. It’s not that I don’t like to do it. I just don’t have the time. At nineteen, I feel that I have too many things to attend to. I have schoolwork, friends, and boy problems to deal with. Everything can be overwhelming, and sadly, performing the sambahayang is one of the things that I readily sacrifice to attend to other things I consider more important.

Whenever people ask me why I do not practice sambahayang, I always tell them that I don’t have the time. It seems that when it is time to pray, all of a sudden I remember that I have other things to do. Sometimes, I tell myself that I have to go to school or I have assignments to do or I have somewhere else to go. I know that all of these are mere excuses but I don’t really care. They can get me out of the task of praying and that makes me happy. I don’t know if my parents could tell that I am just lying, but I am hoping that they would not ask further. My Mommy always told me that time should never get in the way of my practicing Muslim obligations. It is in performing prayers like the sambahayang that I should find myself with Allah. I could find time or make time for prayer if I wanted to. In fact, I can probably pray more than five times a day if I wanted to. I often wonder how my Mommy would react if she found out. I always wish that she wouldn’t because I know that if she did, she would be disappointed. I don’t want to disappoint my mother because I don’t want to feel guilty. I hate feeling guilty. It eats me up from the inside.

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Play by , , | March 4, 2012

Editor’s Note: In celebration of International Women’s Month, Dagmay is featuring a series of monologues about the status of women in Davao. These are creative works based on interviews with real women.


Afya: 18 year-old attractive woman. Wears hijab and loose clothes.

Setting: Inside a bedroom with an electric fan.

(A male voice is overheard) “Afya ha, dito ka lang talaga yan sa bahay. Hindi na maglabas muna. Basta, bantay ka lang talaga kapag makita na naman kita yan sa labas kasama yun si Tarhatta! Afya ha?”

(No one answers. Then Afya enters and slams the door.)

(male voiceover): “Afya?! Afya! Tai babuy Ini! Afya!”

AFYA: (shouting) Owai ba Ama! Hindi lagi ako mag labas-labas uy!

(muttering to self) Sige na lang balik-balik uy. Hindi lagi ako maglabas ba. Hindi lagi uy. Kahit gud gusto ko gud magpunta doon sa kaibigan ko kay manood kami nitong No Other Woman ba. Kinuha ko pa naman ito sa pwesto ni Ina kahapon sa palengke. Buti na lang kay nag- alis si Ina kay mag sambahayang siya nung tanghali na yun. Ako na lang muna gipabantay niya kaya yun, nakuha ko tong DVD. Gidugo man gud ako nun ba. Hindi pa talaga sana yun siya maniwala. Saka na siya naniwala nung nakita niya na nalapsan ako. Pero pag wala ako giregla nun, ngek! Pilitin ako mag sambahayang ba!

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Ang Gaba Dili Magsaba

Play by , | August 1, 2010

Customer: 17 year-old girl
Saleslady: in her early 20’s

Setting: Shoe section of a department store. There is a life-sized mirror beside a bench. A cashier is located two meters away from the bench.

(Ang customer naga tan-aw sa mga naka-display.)

Customer: I’m gonna buy this na talaga! My friends also told me na this is so bagay sa gown ko. Gosh! I am gonna be the most beautiful debutante, ever! (Mitawag sa saleslady sa iyang tapad) Get a new pair of this sandal nga. I don’t like to try this, baka marami na kasing sumukat nito.

Saleslady: (Pugos nga ni ngisi) Okay ma’am. Hulat lang sa kadali ma’am ha. Tan-awon sa nako sa stock room.

Customer: Don’t make tagal-tagal ha. Ayaw ko ng pinapahintay.

(Nihawa ang saleslady. Naglingkod ang customer ug gikuha sa bag ang iyang press powder. Gibutang niya ang bag sa iyang tapad. Sige na tan-aw ang customer sa iyang relo kay dugay niabot ang saleslady.)

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