Message Sent

Nonfiction by | December 19, 2010

I opened my inbox and read his message, “How was your class this morning?” I checked the name again and read the message twice. Beside the open envelope was his registered name in my phone: Papa. I stared at the screen as I was thinking of what to reply. But I couldn’t think of any. And I really didn’t know how to reply to a question like that from a person like him. I put my cell phone on the bed and went to the bathroom, thinking that maybe I could come up with a reply after a bath.

It was a strange message from a person so strange to me. My father’s message was like an admiration of a tough professor for his student’s work. For the student, her professor’s words were more than that. It was a bizarre treasure that would be kept in her mind and heart for at least, forever. I could ignore that message and a hundred more sweet messages from someone like my boyfriend, but not a message from my father. He was a man of few words so it was not like him to ask questions like that. Seemingly out of nowhere, a father’s message was saved in my inbox.

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Ang Gaba Dili Magsaba

Play by , | August 1, 2010

Customer: 17 year-old girl
Saleslady: in her early 20’s

Setting: Shoe section of a department store. There is a life-sized mirror beside a bench. A cashier is located two meters away from the bench.

(Ang customer naga tan-aw sa mga naka-display.)

Customer: I’m gonna buy this na talaga! My friends also told me na this is so bagay sa gown ko. Gosh! I am gonna be the most beautiful debutante, ever! (Mitawag sa saleslady sa iyang tapad) Get a new pair of this sandal nga. I don’t like to try this, baka marami na kasing sumukat nito.

Saleslady: (Pugos nga ni ngisi) Okay ma’am. Hulat lang sa kadali ma’am ha. Tan-awon sa nako sa stock room.

Customer: Don’t make tagal-tagal ha. Ayaw ko ng pinapahintay.

(Nihawa ang saleslady. Naglingkod ang customer ug gikuha sa bag ang iyang press powder. Gibutang niya ang bag sa iyang tapad. Sige na tan-aw ang customer sa iyang relo kay dugay niabot ang saleslady.)

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