Submission Form

The Davao Writers Guild invites submissions of short stories, essays, and poems from Mindanao-born or Mindanao-based writers. Submissions may be in English, Binisaya, Tagalog, or any Mindanawon language (with accompanying translation). Works accepted for publication will be published on Sunstar.Davao and Dagmay.Online.

To submit your works, send it as email to . Please submit your work as text in the body of the email: separate paragraphs and stanzas with empty lines, and use markdown for any preferred formatting.

The subject line should be the title of your work, followed by category in square brackets, e.g. “A Tale of My Three Spinster Aunts [Fiction]”. Acceptable categories are Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Play.

Include your full name and short bio in the text.

You will receive email confirmation of receipt of your work within an hour. After vetting by the editor of the month, you will also be notified within whether your work is (a) accepted for publication; (b) held in queue for potential future publication; or (c) rejected.