Smoking in the Attic

Poetry by | May 17, 2015

Sneak away from the daily buzz
Lighter in hand and light footsteps, too
Treading up the staircase
To where I feel desolate
Cigarette now lit; inhale
The smoke coaxing, to surface
Lost to the air, and with it
Forgotten yearnings of past
Only the filter remains
Baggage I should dispose of
To avoid outing myself
My needy nature; to be loved
Washing off the nicotine
Masked with soap suds and toothpaste
Rid my teeth of plaque from smoke
Ready to flash my dummy smile
When I break off, thinking I’m safe
I prop a stick in my mouth
Waiting, for someone to light the spark
Or a mouth to keep my own shut
Until then, it’s the attic for me
My own penthouse of solace

Gari Jamero is a BS Biology Student from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan and a member of The Xavier Film Society.

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