Forward Reaction

Poetry by | October 4, 2015

My windpipe is chockful of smoke
Straining to utter words to woo
Neurons swimming in alcohol
To fool myself that I’m with you

Exasperated; waiting for when
Oxytocin in lieu of nicotine
Dominates my body and brain
And love satisfies, not deride

There is one I seek, from whose love
I will wholeheartedly suffocate
She will not fiddle nor balance
But overwhelm the chemicals in me

She is the catalyst I need
To join, aid, and to complete me

Gari Jamero is a BS Biology Student from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan and Producer-Director of The Xavier Film Society.

Smoking in the Attic

Poetry by | May 17, 2015

Sneak away from the daily buzz
Lighter in hand and light footsteps, too
Treading up the staircase
To where I feel desolate
Cigarette now lit; inhale
The smoke coaxing, to surface
Lost to the air, and with it
Forgotten yearnings of past
Only the filter remains
Baggage I should dispose of
To avoid outing myself
My needy nature; to be loved
Washing off the nicotine
Masked with soap suds and toothpaste
Rid my teeth of plaque from smoke
Ready to flash my dummy smile
When I break off, thinking I’m safe
I prop a stick in my mouth
Waiting, for someone to light the spark
Or a mouth to keep my own shut
Until then, it’s the attic for me
My own penthouse of solace

Gari Jamero is a BS Biology Student from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan and a member of The Xavier Film Society.

What could have been at Macasandig 2011

Poetry by | March 16, 2014

I awoke to a shriek
Conscious but almost blind
Sight was nil, pitch black
All I hear, a gush, now sleep
Light has returned, and I see
It was a mere dream, our dream
Nothing seemed to be weird
Other than my being drenched
I got up, very much doused
Dried off with the most peculiar towel
It was warm, warmth I have not felt in so long
The sensation akin to my mother’s embrace
Now I am dry, the house and all else
I made myself decent and dressed up
The clothes fit snug, strong yet free to move
It feels as if I am carried by my father
I turned on the music player, listen
The song playing felt oddly familiar
The sound very much like my brothers’ singing
Reminiscent of when we all played together
I sang and sang along; I inhaled
The air felt like velvet against my lips
And as I exhaled, it healed my heart
A fondness identical to her, a love unknown
I awoke to a sob; no, lots of sobs
I see my family around my body
I kiss them and bid them adieu
I dove, descend to space not shown

Gari Jamero is a BS Biology Student from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan.