WomEn, Each a Woman

Poetry by | April 12, 2009

Women, each a woman,
Two, three, five women
     Wise and foolish
     Baffling and simple.
Together they weave the Core
Tight, loose, gentle
Envisioning wholeness and wellness
As they gaze at moon and stars.
     Restless and calm
     Detailed and summed.
Women, each a woman
Two, three, five women
     Naked and clothed.
     Body and soul.
Passionate creatures bottled
Drinking the prismatic rays of the sun
Spirits sailing over mortal waves
To land uncapped on immortal shores.

Mary Lou Caharian found her scribbled poems in now yellowed notebooks. Her waking moments are spent on gender education, peace-building and promoting transformative politics. She hopes to continue to do serious writing in-between for posterity and much-needed sanity at this very challenging time.

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