A Toast to Earth Goddesses

Poetry by | April 12, 2009

Here’s to
     weaving girl dreams and woman fantasies
     dancing unrehearsed to one another’s beat
     sharing heart stories, health teas and therapies
     savouring fleeting joys in both cold and heat.

Here’s to
     crying lonely then bursting into laughter
     laughing uncontrolled till eyes brim with tears
     looking exotic in floor-length silky wear
     feeling as pretty in mix-match garbs at ukay sale.

Here’s to
     cooking veggies and herbs in wild abandon
     holding placards, wearing white, in noonday passion
     mixing dizzying drinks into sweet love potion
     speaking to crowds on women issues with ardent devotion.

Here’s to
     watching bewitching fireflies, stars and moon
     turning earth-spirit filled with compassion
     loving intensely, hurting so deeply
     bathing glorious in the waters of life’s mystery.

Mary Lou Caharian found her scribbled poems in now yellowed notebooks. Her waking moments are spent on gender education, peace-building and promoting transformative politics. She hopes to continue to do serious writing in-between for posterity and much-needed sanity at this very challenging time.

2 thoughts on “A Toast to Earth Goddesses”

  1. Hi Belo,

    Your poems remind me of Benny in Marawi. We are back in the Philippines… take care Mick

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