Catching Up

Poetry by , | April 12, 2009

Lazy Saturday afternoons
    To catch up on rest.
Hectic Monday mornings
    To catch up on work.
Heavy, sweaty scrubbings
    To catch up on cleaning.
Lengthy, newsy letters
    To catch up with friends.
Planned week-end outings
    To catch up with family.
Long, passionate embraces
    To catch up on love.

Why am I always catching up?

Mary Lou Caharian found her scribbled poems in now yellowed notebooks. Her waking moments are spent on gender education, peace-building and promoting transformative politics. She hopes to continue to do serious writing in-between for posterity and much-needed sanity at this very challenging time.

The painting to accompany this piece, “Ang Babaeng Daghang Buluhaton”, was by Anna Rhieza Rallos.

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