We are Daughters of the Underworld

Poetry by | April 12, 2009

We are women of the
eating death to reproduce life induce life feed life
we are women of the
First Womb
weaving our own body and spirit seeds
into beads of birthings known only to the First Mystery
the First Nursery
designing new eggs within new shells
mining the minerals of unconscious caverns
we are women of the dark
our wombs partially blinded by the white light
from atomic bombs of human delusion
we are women of Earth and Wind and Ocean
daily dressed like Moon with Sun’s divine patina
on special occasions our aural gowns are of the Stars
and maybe some distant undiscovered Planet’s

But sometimes we forget.

Muses come down enter our circles our cycles
to workshop or consult
or to just sip green jasmine chamomile or earl grey tea
with us infamous divas
dusk or dawn it does not matter
They plant round kisses on our cheeks and lips and foreheads
to remind us of how we look to Them
They hug-heal our aching doubting failing hiding bodies
They pack our medicine kit with Magic Vitamins called Nature’s Love
But every now and then we all just
Flow into a dry run of the Steps that still need to be Danced
Dance the Dance! Moist once again
throw away those phony estrogens
our Memory spring cleaned springs back
we are Daughters to the Dreams
of the Eternal One
She who Pollinates us
in Her Mother Womb of Fecundity
Black Hole
of Her Underworld
Inside Out She turns and Returns
Heaving Wailing Flailing Howling Cursing Trembling Moaning
(Elements Dispersing cannot but take their far-flung places)
Birthing our Twin

..….And then, at last
Sighing her Contented Sigh,
She Hums the Peaceful Night
a Celestial Lullaby

Agnes N. Miclat Cacayan considers herself a student of the wholeness /spirituality wisdom of the Lumads, and of the world’s indigenous traditions as well.  She lives in Davao City.

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