Yang Agta / The Giant

Folklore by | October 7, 2007

Narrated by Patrocinio Lemente , 48 years old, Bangaga, Davao Oriental

Awon adlaw na ako yakadto sang suba dapit sang kawakatan. Yamunit ako ng daro-daro mga alas dos ng dum da. Pagpamunit ko ng daro-daro sang isa isa ka oras yatinga ako yawa ing kanak mga timaan. Doon tungod ng kyahuna-hunaan ing Ginoo. Yanguros ako tapos kalit ko kit-an ing agta. Mga siete ing kataas, mahaba ing buhok, bagas na mapuwa ing mata, tapos yagahinukot. Pagtanaw ko sang awog iyan ing baroto, yusakay dayon ako wa da ako lingi, yudiretso lang ako pagtabok sang awog. Gikan sidto di da ako mag-kadto sang suba.

English translation:I went to the river one day. I passed through this woody area. I went to the river to gather “daro-daro”—a black shell. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. While I was gathering the shells, I noticed that the place became unfamiliar. The trails I made were lost. I made the sign of the cross and suddenly there appeared a giant called “Agta.” It had very long black hair with big red eyes. It was wearing a “bahag.” When I turned right, I instantly saw my boat. I hurriedly got into the boat and went home. I never returned to that place anymore. From then on also I never ventured out to the river alone.

(Source: Janice Manguiob, Karl Raymund Austria, Ronald Jay Rama. “Mandaya Folktales of Baganga,” unpublished undergraduate thesis, Ateneo de Davao University 2004)

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