Poetry by | October 7, 2007

Sinfully glazed
With warm sugar
Cubed bananas
Sit lap-to-lap
Competing for my

I pinched the topmost
Piece with the fork
In my hand
Some juice squirting

I bit it
Tasting the
Lava that dripped
Enveloping the
Little banana
Boulders under

It was hard
Not to close my eyes
As I savored each bite
Thick with glory

There seemed to be
Little children
Crawling around
My tongue
The sugary sauce
All over my mouth
Before it dives
Down my throat

Then after that
My taste buds waited
For the next shot
Of those cubed friends
Sitting quietly
Though sugarly-drenched

And for the first time
After I received
That plateful
My eyes darted
A little upward

And then, and there,
I realized,
A more blatant kind
Of sweetness

Luring me
To go closer

It sat across
And reviving
That sugary taste
Left in my mouth.

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