The Vengeful One

Nonfiction by | June 1, 2008

A baboon stole my ice cream just as I was crossing a street.

No, this is not some region in Africa I’m talking about here. I’m talking Davao here, and the incident happened on an avenue just a few meters from Gaisano Mall.

So there it was, a baboon on the road, and it was looking to have food the easiest way possible. I was about to step out of the way of a jeepney when, from behind me, I heard someone say, “Ako na lang ni ‘te.” Before the beast could even finish its sentence, and before I could gather that I was the recipient of the message, he pried the ice cream cone violently from my hand.

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The Break-Up Speech

Nonfiction by | June 1, 2008

Tonight I was yet again presented with the opportunity to take a romantic stroll around the city. In short, it was too ma-traffic (and humid), so I figured I’d get to my destination faster if I just walked along the bridge.

While walking, I thought, I’m going to miss this city.

Haven’t really made plans for where I’ll get a job yet; all I know is that it won’t be here. Some well-meaning people ask me if I’m crazy for choosing to leave. Yes, I know; it’s a tough choice. I’m thinking: once I leave, I can never drink water straight from the tap again. I don’t think I’ll be able to have a good, filling meal with P20–even P30– any place else. And the No-Smoking ordinance–I don’t think I’ll have the benefit of that where I’m heading. I think I’ll have to forget all about getting exact change from the taxi driver and having access to wi-fi virtually anywhere.

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