Winners for the Bisaya Fiction Contest

Editor's Note by | October 12, 2009

The judges have chosen the winners from the field of 21 entries. They are:

1st Prize Winner: Ug Mingiob ang Kalibotan by Raul Moldez
2nd Prize Winner: Kadula by Brian Ang
3rd Prize Winner: Mga Dalan sa Downtown by Javin Jet Tevar

Awarding ceremony will be at Bagobo House Hotel, Gov. Duterte St., on October 17, 5:00 PM.

Fellows for the Davao Writers Workshop 2009

Events by | April 8, 2009

The following fellows have been selected for the Davao Writers Workshop 2009.

Fellows for Fiction
Alpha Fortun (UP Mindanao)
Aaron Jalalon (UP Mindanao)
Edmund Julian de la Cerna (San Pedro College)
Eric John Villena (Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan)
Jeffrey Javier (UP Mindanao)

Fellows for Creative Nonfiction
Mary Ann Tarusan (Ateneo de Davao)
Migs Bassig (Ateneo de Manila)
Karen Quinones (University of Southeastern Philippines)
Rowena Rose Lee (UP Mindanao)

Fellows for Poetry
Allen Samsuya (UP Mindanao)
Jobelle Obguia (Ateneo de Davao)
Hannah Enanoria (Ateneo de Davao)
Henrietta Diana de Guzman (UP Mindanao)
Paul Randy Palua-Gumanao (Ateneo de Davao)
Vanessa Almeria (UP Mindanao)

The workshop takes place at La Storta Retreat House, Shrine Hills, Matina, from May 4 to May 8. Panelists are Marjorie Evasco, Tim Montes, Macario Tiu, and Don Pagusara.

Opening ceremonies for the workshop will be on May 4, 9:00 am, at Ateneo de Davao University.

The workshop will be open to a limited number of observers. Stay tuned to this web site for announcement on the sign-up details.

Bukambibig: Salita't Sayaw

Events by | March 9, 2009

National Commission on Culture and the Arts, Davao Writers Guild, UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble, and the Ateneo de Davao University Humanities Division present: Bukambibig: Salita’t Sayaw, a performance of poetry and dance. Bukambibig features the works of Ricky de Ungria, Tita Lacambra Ayala, Macario Tiu, Aida Rivera Ford, Jhoanna Cruz, and Dom Cimafranca, as performed by the UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble.

The performance takes place on March 13 (Friday), 5:00PM to 7:00PM at the 5th Floor, Finster Hall of Ateneo de Davao University. If you wish to attend the event, please post your name as a comment by Thursday, or visit our Facebook event page.

Poetry Night 2

Events by | January 25, 2009

Poetry Night 2
Poetry Night 2
Our second Poetry Night, held at Wings and Wedges in Matina Town Square, was a smashing success. Students from UP Mindanao came out in full force and comprised most of the readers and audience (though we did get good representation from Ateneo de Davao, University of Southeastern Philippines, Davao Writers Guild, and other young professionals, as well.) All in all, our crowd had grown by around 50% more than the first Poetry Night.

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A Distant Country

Poetry by | November 30, 2008

This is the curve of the cheek
that I once explored with kisses.
This is the cave of the mouth
where I once blew in breath
whose wetness I tasted.
This is the hillock of the nose
where I once rubbed my own
on an idle summer day
when we ran through the fields.
These are the wings of the eyelids
that fluttered to life
at my slightest whisper.
These are the pools of the eyes
into which I lost my soul.

Now a distant country, only

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Fiction by | November 16, 2008

AS SHE LAY IN BED, awaiting with some dread the onset of the next contraction, Naty couldn’t keep from thinking about her mother. Mother: who had birthed her, along with her five brothers and three sisters. Mother: whose magnificent, sturdy birthing hips she had inherited. Mother: still living, with her brothers and sisters, in that tiny house in the raucous market district of Agdao half a world away.

Not for long, she thought hopefully, not for long.

Soyez prêt. Contraction à venir,” a soft voice said. She felt the tightening in her stomach, and she strained against the pain. It lasted, she felt, for a very long time. When it finally released her, she gasped for air.

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Fiction by | October 21, 2007

By the time Jheric got to the car, it was too late. The blue Toyota Corolla had already backed out of its space. Its window rolled down a notch and Vhong’s hand reached out for the coins. Then the car was on its way out of the supermarket parking lot.

“Hey! That was my customer! You know it was!” Jheric shouted.

“Ha! Early bird and all that, runt!” Vhong said. He jangled the coins in his hand.

“It’s mine! It’s mine!”

Vhong held Jheric back at arm’s length. Jheric flailed but his hands barely even reached Vhong’s shoulder. A small crowd of boys had gathered around them. “Go, Jheric! Give him what for!” They laughed. Vhong pushed Jheric. Jheric fell on his butt.

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Socrates in a Dark Alley

Poetry by | September 23, 2007

Beware this ancient agent of wisdom
At the prime of his faculties
Before he was brought low by his drink

Beware the searching lantern eyes
Ever on the lookout
For the honest men of Greece

Beware the sharp silver tongue
That cuts with the confounding power of truth
Implacable corruptor of Athens’ fair-haired youth!

To him, all ground is fertile
Nowhere sacred, nowhere safe
Be it market, forum, palace, or temple

Beware those wiry hands
That reach out and grab
For victims of his method

Then with the force of a knife
He wrenches an answer to the essential question:
“Your money or your life?”