The Song of Kagan, the Song of Unity

Poetry by | September 4, 2016

Bayok ng Kagan, Bayok ng Kakaysa (Original Kagan)

This is a call for everyone
Whose spirits will soon taste death
Rich and poor, you must remember
So your faith may increase.

This is to wake those sleeping souls
In a hopeful remembrance of their kin.
Cut not your ties
For Allah forbids it.

Empty the souls from enmity.
Stand for unity.
Stand for faith.
So you may fulfill our noble pledge
To Allahu Ta’ala.

Follow His commands.
And sow the unity in your heart
While it still beats.

English translation by Mohammad Nassefh R. Macla

Abdul Khaliq Tayongotong is a Kaagan-native from Lupon, Davao Oriental. He is currently taking up Bachelor of Education and Islamic Studies in the Davao Regional Arabic Academy, Inc. The poem Bayok ng Kagan, Bayok ng Kakaysa is originally a Kagan song, composed and sung by the author.

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