Valid Measurements

Poetry by | March 1, 2015

You said it was for PE Class.
Then you handed me a tape measure,

and I smoothened out the numbers
and the lines between them,

trying to get your fingerprints on my thumbs,
before I placed them on you.

Face width:
The mole under your left eye,
was six inches away

from the tip of my eyelash
and one inch above my thumb.

Face length:
The new scab on your chin,
and the unnoticed paint smudge

on your forehead was seven inches away
from the sweat forming on the tip of my nose.

Arm length:
The rainbow loomband around your left wrist
was five inches away from my hip bone

six inches away from my thigh
which was three inches away from your fingertips.

Shoulder width:
I was breathing four inches away
from your neck. You didn’t complain.

And after taking all these measurements,
I realized how far we were.

Ria Valdez performed Valid Measurements at LitOrgy 5, at Saless Bar Tekanplor last year. LitOrgy is an annual literary event organized by the Young Davao Writers.

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