Coffee Break

Poetry by | October 12, 2014

Cut all the ties with the world —
For all its sound and fury.

Sit and find the moment’s balance
Amid lifeless things in motion.

Let your soul glow from the depth
Of your weariness and anxiety.

Keep that newly purchased novel
Or put off those earphones, dear child.

There is no need of escape all the time.
Be still and free your vision to the distance.

Wander above the chaotic and banal.
Let the sound between your gentle lips

And the brim of that paper cup rule over —
To resonate joy and tranquility to the mind.

A little bitter, a little sweet, and utterly warm —
Sip, and sip over, the absurdities of life.

Adonis Enricuso is a university instructor from Duminag, Zamboanga del Sur. He was a fellow of the 29th Cornelio Faigao Workshop. If not taking part in the drama of life, he dreams night and day.

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