Poetry by | May 25, 2014

tropeyo sa paghandom kang lota

kolor sa rainbow lapas
sa      mga     ngilit
    sa     damgo
   g i k u d l i s
sa  imong  mga  mata

mga handom nga nanuyla
sa kwadradong balanse
sa  dan-ag  ug anino
  dili basta-basta
    mapad-as og
 K A M A T A Y O N



  colors of the rainbow
      beyond edges
        of dreams
   lines  and  traces
       by your eyes

remembrances that spill out
     the framed balance
    of light and shadow
  oh, never be defaced by
      D  E  A  T  H

Agustin “Don” Pagusara is an award-winning writer and founding member of the Davao Writers Guild. Along with Macario Tiu, he founded the Ateneo de Davao Writers Workshop, which is on its 15th year. This poem was written in memory of Carlota de Pio, Davao writer and artist, who passed away in May 2014.

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