The Love Letter

Poetry by | February 9, 2014

years from now,
if the stars are still
in the bosom of the gods,
and the moon can still smile
on the beauty of the night,
dust we have become,
we already changed
and beyond our horizon, there
these words find themselves
without a home only a house
to announce their presence–
none of that family embrace
that my heart throbs with yours,
just nothingness, bland strokes,
no warmth that give meaning
to the coldness of materiality,
eventually no music,
wings that give them flight,
over mountains of grief and sorrow,
over the green innocence on the plains,
over the omnipresent waters of our love,
these words,
these etches in the blanket of time
will soon settle
in the dry cold desert
of that eternal memory
that remembers the forgetfulness
of being in love.

Artchil C. Daug is an Assistant Professor of the Department of History of MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology. He was born in Iligan City and finished both his AB History and Master in History degrees from the same school in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

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