The Running

Poetry by | August 4, 2013

You will move
past the pedestrians
and think of me
and the past
and how I had basked
in your breath
-lessness, once.

I understand
how distance
is the gesture
that makes
most sense
to your body.
Still, when I think
of you, I imagine
nearness —
the needlework
of movement,
the countless
ways we run
out of breath.

If you should pace
yourself indefinitely
this time, then go
and catch your breath
in a different town.
One where the winds
don’t leave you gasping
for air, where the earth
refuses to undo your senses
from under your feet
every time your body
tires and your heart begs
for stillness.

Allen Samsuya is a creative writing major from the University of the Philippines Mindanao. He keeps himself active by wearing fake Nike tech shirts and Temple Run(ning).

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