A Sci-fi Story on Dec. 21, 2012

Fiction by | December 23, 2012

It became imminent that a considerable number of the country’s populace expresed consternation with the infamous date of December 21, 2012. Usually addressed with dismissive sobriety in tempering alarmist inclinations, it now elicited varied reactions with some degree of precautonary preparations. The controversial date inevitably prompted discussions during gatherings as well as animated interaction among netizens, while others denied it with outright nonchalance.

Some people devised ways to addess the impending date. Employees were observed to signify vacation leave days in advance before Christmas, families and relatives booked reservations on mountain resorts for gatherings, and reunions scheduled earlier than usual as students and friends set group schedules for nature trekking or excursions. Some local authorities even circulated memorandums proclaiming the date as a non-working holiday through indirect excuses as setting it for anniversary dates of certain local personalities, events and the like to avoid it being construed as having to do with the controversial phenomenon.

Discreetly, the national government also enhanced disaster preparedness as it had done in its systematic programs that began a few years ago. Instructions were dispatched to provide more extensive tsunami warning systems particularly on the Eastern shores of the country.

How time went fast as the day finally approached. People continued sensibly with their daily chores, although unusual conglomerations of vacationers were noticed on upland resorts and excusionists gathered in droves to savor the fresh mountain breeze, rejuvenated with the sceneries, and partly in response to the not so obvious phenomenal date. Mothers pepared the tables as fathers vigilantly surveyed the surroundings or checked provisions while youngsters raced to the pools or brooks. Adults would sometimes glimpse at each other in bouts of consternation but continued with their chores expecting it unnoticed from other peers. Certain people initiated group meditations believing that a collective manifestation of beneficial energy alleviates Planetary imbalances. However, being with loved ones and people that mattered made the day memorable.

The afternoon Sun eventually glittered the tips of trees with its golden rays and they decided it was time to go home. How conducive the day turned out to be as families, relatives, friends, lovers enjoyed each other’s company while individuals found it a valuable time for fruitful personal contemplation, although friendly jests had sometimes accompanied topics regarding the otherwise anticipated date. Beyond any reason the event bonded them in a way that bonded them with each other, and with one’s inner Self, closer than ever.

Meanwhile, breaking news reported a strange phenomenon that occured on the seas East of the country. Large masses of land were allegedly seen resurfacing in the vast watery expanse. Inevitably, bodies of water heaved and surged from the aftermath of a triggered underwater quake. However, the tsunami warning system worked effectively as evacuation procedures were promptly implemented and most residents were secured to higher grounds, with property damage reduced to minimal.

In a Parallel Dimension, the infamous date of December 21, 2012 wrought much consternation to a troubled populace. Already, both manmade and natural disasters had been wreaking havoc as a stubborn civilization refused to heed attempts to curb further degradation of the Planet’s fragile Ecology reeling in the crucial era of Climate Change. Doomsday instigations exacerbated by religious fanaticism and sensationalized media fueled fear, confusion and chaos in a corrupted, guilt-ridden society. Unscrupulous merchants bribed mainstream media to hype the scenario to increase sales as panic buying in grocery stores had been reported. Government authorities, unable to control the deteriorating situation, sought to quell the turmoil by force resulting in further conflict and chaos.

Unknowingly, the escalating negativity of a Collective Consciousness manifested by a troubled society drastically affected the Planet’s geomagnetic fields already worsened by its deteriorating Ecology. The resulting phenomenon recorded as an alarming spike in geomagnetic readings that abruptly triggering a Polar Shift of the Planet’s gravitational fields. The impending movement caused much anomaly as unprecedented earthquakes occurred deep within the ocean trenches, triggered by an extremely rare yet massively anomalous phenomenon of Reverse Subduction beneath the Planet’s Crust layer. The disruption of the Crust’s tectonic plates beneath the ocean trenches caused the massive formation of Tsunami waves of scale and size unprecedented in modern history, devouring everything in its path.

Meanwhile, on the Eastern side of what’s left of the country, large masses of land suddenly emerged from the once vast watery expanse.

The piece was composed after the author met an individual, referred to by a friend who orginated from South Asia but reverred by local Indigenous Peoples as Diwata through dreams and signs (an eagle hovered above their village as they predicted his arrival). The said individual claimed of being informed about some events that might occur on the controversial date, intriguingly by sources said to be beyond this Planet.

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