This Cup of Coffee

Poetry by | October 21, 2012

This cup of coffee
is the sadness
of your absence
Steam rising
to perfume
the sleepless void
of your absence
Smooth surface
free from the lies
of milk and honey,
refusing to reflect
or the sweetness of your smile –
mirroring only the emptiness
of your absence
And because you are gone
I have no one to drink
this coffee with
but a hundred years of solitude.
Even ants do not come
to feast on my crumbles
But even as things
cool down
I grow used
to the flavor of this misery,
soon making this habit
a ritual,
of sipping it in afternoons
to sweeten
this bitterness
until I am as empty
as the cup
of black coffee
that is the sadness
of your absence.

Karlo Antonio David was a fellow at the 2011 Iyas Creative Writing Workshop, and the Silliman National Writers Workshop which was held in Dumaguete.

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