Gardening by Accident

Poetry by | November 15, 2009

for Nanette

I wish I could tell you now
that you were right—
after two years
the pineapple head you had thrown
in the backyard has grown
and in fact, the strange
bromeliad is now the throne
of a lovely little piña,
still magenta in the base,
but already wearing a crown.
It competes with the thorns
and constant flowering
of the pink euphorbia beside it.
Also, the golden bamboo
you planted in the clay pot
to keep it portable
has broken through and proudly
taken root, right beside
the bougainvillea that had threatened
to die when the carpenter
chopped it down
to a stump.
It now bursts madly
into fuchsia revenge.
You have always known
it would all come to this,
didn’t you?
My wilderness of a garden
is profuse with paradoxes
and I grow lush
with a hundred eyes.

Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz is a Palanca award-winning writer who teaches creative writing and literature at UP Mindanao.

6 thoughts on “Gardening by Accident”

  1. Hi! I loved reading Ms. Cruz’s pieces. Her Sapay Koma winning piece really moved me. I have been looking for her “Halakata, Ms. D.” but I can’t find it. Anybody who’s helpful enough to lead me to that winning piece please. Many thanks!

  2. Hi, xak! Thanks for your support. The play is published in my book, WOMEN LOVING, which is available in all National Bookstore branches.Cheers!

  3. Hi! Great play on words. I have read one of your works years ago from Malate Lit Folio and as I was on my way to Davao, I was surprised to find out that you are the writer of the book I am reading (Women Loving). I went to UP Mindanao last Monday for a film screening with my org and was hoping to meet you there (still hoping to meet you while I’m here). 🙂 Sorry for the very long comment. Excited to soon see a collection of your poems too. 🙂

  4. “bursts madly into fuchsia revenge” reached out and grabbed me. It is interesting because this poem beguiles the reader into reacting to the bewilderment (on behalf of the poet), to things like this that some people left behind which can appear so alluring eventually. I will always love your writing, as your style is rare and comes naturally elegant, putting “the beauty of experience” first before anything else. I think that’s what poetry should be. I am learning so much from this, Mam Jo. Thank you.

  5. Thank you, Loloy! I love your writing, too! Ultimately, we share the common search for meaning in the chaos of experience. We, who are called to make love, and beauty.

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