You Inside of Me

Poetry by | November 1, 2009

The alluring taste of sweet kisses
that sends impulses through my skin.
The warm breath
whispering into my ear.
Those velvety hands
caressing me all over.
Your heavenly tongue
that lingers in my body.
Yes, I want you inside of me.

Enticing lips,
biting teeth,
intense kisses,
hearts racing
heating gush of blood
driving me into insanity.
The tingling sensation
Of each others touch
Tethering into an indulgent embrace
Pacing with desire
Until both scream in blissful sensuality
Yes, you inside of me.

Henriette R. Gelacio, 22 years old, is a nurse by profession. She graduated from Davao Doctors College and is currently reviewing for IELTS.

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