Thanks for Taboan

Editor's Note by | February 13, 2011

The Davao Writers Guild, along with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, would like to thank everyone who attended the 3-day Taboan International Writers Festival at the Royal Mandaya Hotel. Special thanks goes out to the LCB Performing Arts Center Foundation for the entertaining performances and support for this entire event.

Of course, the festival would not have been a success without the writers from all over the country, and the world, who shared new insights and encouraged a greater sense of heart toward the arts and the written word. Until the next year!

There are some things I want to do, but still haven’t

Poetry by | November 30, 2008

I want
to understand that
without falter
the sun will give way to the moon
no matter its fury,
and night will open up to day
no matter its calm.
I want
to memorize you
so when you choose to forget,
as is the nature of things,
I can continue to pretend
I have kept you.
I want
to temper the sun,
ignite the moon,
and finally find room in your heart –
so you will never have to look
for anything else again.

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Writer Does Not Mean Better

Nonfiction by | June 8, 2008

Many beginning writers have this complex about them. You know the type. The ones who proudly rub their one and only published work in your face and look down on you as if they’re the ones who control the rotation of the earth on its axis. I can only scoff and force myself to shut my trap, lest I hurl obscenities at them for being too giddy and pretentious.

I admit I was something like this when I didn’t know any better. The first time I saw my name on the paper, I was pumped with so much adrenaline and pride that I forgot to be humble. And at the high times of my braggadocio, I somersaulted and fell flat. Just like that. So I had to get up again, start from scratch, wondering how I was able to write that one damned thing that propelled me to temporary fame, because, all of a sudden, I could not reproduce it. Continue reading Writer Does Not Mean Better