Boys Can Wear Pink

Poetry by | July 5, 2021

Boys can wear pink
With socks up to the thighs
Wear anything you want,
It should be no surprise

Boys can bake cakes
And do garden work, too
Be feminine, be affectionate
Whatever suits you!

Boys can show weakness
Machismo is a myth
Go and cry when you want to
These emotions exist

Boys can like boys
And hold hands with them, too
You can choose your own gender
There’s more than just two!

Boys can do this
And boys can do that
The norms cannot dictate
How boys should really act

So the next time someone asks,
“What’s with that outfit, Paul?”
Just say “Boys can wear pink,
There’s no problem at all!”

Raphael Luis Salise is an incoming 4th year student of the BA English-Creative Writing program of UP Mindanao. He has been a fellow to the Davao Writers Workshop.