The Spider and the Poet

Poetry by | January 20, 2013

He locates his heart along the span
From arm of chair to my leg
Propped on this ottoman

It must be aerodynamics
And instinct for the best
Hunting ground that makes him

Oblivious moving from the axis
Then round to buttress
His precarious choice

And when he is done with
The framework of his master plan
It is to the details then

The radial tracking of each thread
Spaced equal and filaments tight
Measured as the perfect lure

If only he considered
Human traffic like this poet
Cross at being roused

Leg lassoed to a first line
The poet’s signal-snare
Prey prompt poem

Nino Soria de Veyra currently serves as Chair of the Department of Humanities in UP Mindanao. His nonfiction and poetry have appeared in the Silliman Journal, The Dumaguete We Know, Caracoa, the Philippines Free Press, National Midweek Magazine, Solidarity, A Habit of Shores, and The Other Voices International Poetry Project.