A Coin’s Story

Fiction by | September 2, 2012

Once upon a time, in a coin factory was a one-peso coin. Along with the other coins, the one-peso coin was brought by an armored van from the factory to a very famous bank. The coins were carefully kept inside a nylon bag in a safe. The one-peso coin wondered aloud what the world outside the bag would be. The five-peso coin who heard the one-peso coin replied: “The world outside is full of wonderful things. And I, the five-peso coin, will be treasured by whoever owns me because of my value.”

The ten-peso coin chimed in: “That goes for me, too. I, the ten-peso coin, will go to many exciting places because of my value.”

The one-peso coin, not knowing its own value, asked the higher value coins how much value a one-peso coin has. Both the ten-peso coin and the five-peso coin laughed at the little coin’s question.

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