I wish I could be as good as a poem

Poetry by | November 15, 2021

like its first line –
the first bite
of a cobra that coils you,
like your hand
on my nape
with the other on my chest.

like a garden of metaphors,
full of unbloomed roses
and unbirthed scents,
anticipating the warmth
of your eyes that set upon me.

like a sonnet
with the perfection
of its measure
and the sound of the syllables
singing together.

like an epic
telling the story
of the adventures
of your touch tracing
my curves and shapes,
conquering continents
of my mind.

I wish I could be all these words
and be all the poems
you wish to write –
in your papers,
behind your armchair,
on your sweaty palm,
or in your prayers
and in your moments
like a recurrence
through this lifetime.

I wish I could be as good as the poems
that you have imprinted in me
with the whispers
of your mouth –
the faint breath of our sounds

but you
have refused
to write

Karen Kae is a junior high school teacher from Davao City. In between teaching and writing reports, she enjoys decluttering and playing shooter games.

An Ode to a Facebook Stalker

Poetry by | June 30, 2013

(a response to the poem “Ode to a Facebook Photo” by Allen Samsuya, which appeared in December 2, 2012)

In this portrait, there are only my eyes
that speak of yearning to see
The stream of your stars
scattered in my galaxies.

I swim my eyes through the nebula
outside this four-cornered universe.
Nevermind the griffins and bountiful trees.
Let me see your abyss.

Karen Kae is a BSED-English student in the Ateneo de Davao University.


Poetry by | October 28, 2012

It started with a spark
That ignited the excitement –
I was inflamed by what I held
As we celebrated the moment
Our flames finally flickered
In unison.
But our light was dying
Our sparklers
Have been cindered into ashes –
And the ashes
into nothing.

Karen Kae Dicdican is currently enrolled in Ateneo de Davao University and is a fellow of the recently concluded 2012 Davao Writers Workshop.


Poetry by | February 12, 2012

sat down
alone, here
Beneath the threads of
Silver linings, pins of stars

sought to string
these stars together
But the beads would not budge.

found Fate,
bound as a knot.

Karen Kae Dicdican is a 2nd year BSED-English student from Ateneo de Davao University.