i held you at gunpoint

Poetry by | July 28, 2019

we are soldiers, right?
comrades, always there for each other

no one was watching us, right?
it was just you and me in the middle of the night

you said it would be quick, right?
your words were sweating behind my ears

you started leaning closer, right?
a little closer, a little closer

our lips touched for the first time, right?
those crusty, salty peaches bursting with flavor

i tasted your tongue, right?
it simmered with saliva, marinated in alcohol

your hands were all over me, right?
down my hair to my jaw to my neck to my

we peeled off our uniforms, right?
our clothes like shed skin, sinking to the floor

you pressed your chest against mine, right?
the warmth of your touch sent ripples down my spine

your hands slid beneath my trousers, right?
slowly unsheathing the loaded pistol

i held you at gunpoint, right?
you pulled the trigger inside your mouth

but we said we wanted this, right?
heavy breaths as white blood dripped on my skin

we are comrades, right?
tomorrow will just be another day

Julio Jacinto lives in Davao del Sur.