Take Me

Poetry by | August 14, 2016

Take me to a place where birds are not caged
Chirping softly as they hover from bough to bough
As soon as a sheet of darkness roll up
Let there be a place to dwell in
Take me to a place where fishes are not doomed
Metamorphosing baits into treats
Swaying from reef to reef
Amid the greed of humanity
Take me to a place where the ocean meets the sky
The breeze and the shade it shares
Emboldens the wandering souls
In quest to fill the dearth
Take me to a place where solitude upholds peace
As the pebbles gets drenched by distress
Pull them back to the sands of hope
Take me to the place I can call my own.

Jeane Lucitte C. Marcera is a psychology major at Mindanao State University. She is from Pala-o, Iligan City.