Return to the Princely Home

Fiction by | May 29, 2016

I hurriedly penned the highly peculiar contract as instructed by the Prince. As experienced a scribe I was, I still have difficulties in creating hurried royal contracts especially something as odd as this one. The terms the Prince specified were downright out-of-this-world. One Kahel Mayari is tasked to maintain the stars and the weathers on the Prince’s absence as well as oversee the ascension of the new Babaylan along the orders of the Great Bakunawa, in return he shall have access on the Prince’s archives for an hour. One Delfin Magnos is to keep the search of the lost son, ensure his death and continue the neutralization efforts against the forces of darkness to which he shall be rewarded the barren island of Munting Lupa on the far east of the continent. And the last was for the famed General Sebastian Ramosa, who is to ensure proper ascension, education and upbringing or the rightful heir, whoever he may be, in the event of the Prince’s untimely demise. For this service, the general shall have his debts cleared.

It was three in the morning when the Prince called for me at his balcony. He was having breakfast with three men of noble countenance. One looked sickly wearing a black toga. He had bloodshot eyes and a long nose. The General, I knew from his portraits. He seemed to be the oldest in the group. He had salt and peppered beard and was wearing his best uniform. The third was a young man. He was tall and had long hair. His eyes had a tint of bright orange. There were no other words to describe him except for beautiful. Even the way he moved was noticeably graceful and silent.

I took a deep bow and presented the contract to the Prince. He took the contract, wore his spectacles and began reviewing the contents.

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Play by , , | August 1, 2010

In a cafeteria two recent friends meet by chance. Ringgo, who is hard of hearing, has his hearing aid disconnected from his ear. Jords is a ‘ngo-ngo’ who seems to be confident in conversations despite his condition. He is waiting for his new girlfriend, Magda.

Ringgo: (sees Jords from afar and approaches him) Oy! Musta na man ka pre?

Jords: Aw, oki ra kaayo.

Ringgo: Abi ko’g wa na ka’y problema?

Jords: Mao gani. Wala na ko’y problema.

Ringgo: Unsa lagi tong problema preng?

Jords: Wala uy. Amaw.

Ringgo: Unsa man pud latest na balita sa imoha preng?

Jords: Mao japon, trabaho, trabaho.

Ringgo: Kinsa’y kamangon bay?

Jords: Samuka ba! Tarong ba!

Ringgo: Aw. Lamokon bitaw diri bay.

Jords: Wala’y lamok uy. Aircon man diri sa cafeteria. Mag-sige ra pud ka’g agree.

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Poetry by | June 15, 2008

An overhand knot. Loop like bunny ears.
Another overhand.
With eyebrows almost meeting,
I concentrated
on the simplest
ordeal a six-year-old should ace.
How could he do it so easily? Without
even looking!
Dad smirked at me. His playful arrogance
pleased me.
His brown fingers seemed to twist and turn
like his shoelaces, tying and untying.
My lips mouthed an “O”.
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