As You Know Nothing

Poetry by | February 13, 2011

The world is a crazy place;
There’s always room for the right and wrong people.
But, despite the fact that there are always two kinds of entities
this pit has always had a niche for people to squeeze themselves in.
And no matter how tight that little space,
One will always find solace in a corner
To appreciate the world go by in a day.

Our planet is a fuzzy little shell.
Its enigma keeps us looped and drawn in;
No matter how much we break free
The rope that binds is never too strong or too slight to cut through.
And as you already know, everyone is an element of the world,
Part and parcel, part of the whole,
Co-existing in chaos and harmony.

All this knowledge make you think you already know what it takes to live
For you appreciate the world as we all know it,
For we appreciate humanity as we live it,
For we love as we feel it
For we curiously navigate as we sail through life’s ebbs
For we rise as we fall
And we live through it all!

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