The Best Remedy

Fiction by | November 20, 2011

The sun was just beginning to set. Looking at the red orange glow of the sky from his kitchen window, Mike wanted to just go out there and jog to his heart’s content. It had been weeks now since he had jogged last. This was because of a number of murders that happened recently. Already there had been two killings near their otherwise peaceful town of Gusa.

He had been gardening for the last few hours and doing some chores. It was the weekend of a long tiring week selling fine watches. He had decided to take the day off to relax. The headaches were back. The only thing that he found that could make it go away was if he did something that he really liked to do to relax. Gardening was one of those.

But as he stooped to turn on the sink, he couldn’t help but wince slightly as the headache was still there as well as the shaking of his hands. Jogging was one thing he could do that would really clear his head. He wondered if the police had caught the killer already.

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