Circle Over Another

Poetry by | November 6, 2023

stamped randomly
against the grain
of the wooden table—

each a decade’s worth
of stories summarized
to an hour

of infrequent sipping
and restless hands
that lift and set

the dewing cups
on a slightly newer



Five circles.

Outlining where
our stories move.

The next turn
would be yours,
on the sixth

we punctuate with
silence and stares

as if culling
some things worthwhile
from the hazy past

written on the span
between your eyes.

Arvin Ebdalin Narvaza is a poetry writer hailing from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Poetry has always been the compass of his creative journey, guiding him through the vast landscapes of emotions, thoughts, and experiences. With great passion and dedication, he has honed his craft and he strives to share his voice with a wider audience. He published some of his poems at Dagmay, Bisaya Magasin (Manila Bulletin), and Habi Literary Folio. Currently, he is studying for his Ph.D. at Ateneo de Davao University.

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