Sun Bather, Star Gazer, Cloud Chaser

Poetry by | October 10, 2022

If my memory fades one day
Of all the things that I’m looking forward to forget
I’ll gladly surrender, without any regret
All my remembrance of the sky’s trace

So if I ever had the chance to go outside
To step into horizon’s presence
I’ll look at the sun, or moon, with a new lens
And revel under them for the first time

I’ll play soaked in rain
Or dance sunkissed in a daze
Feel the warmth in a childhood phase
Of what adulthood has removed in vain

I’ll bring out the faded mantle
And sit, or lay, down and crane my neck upward
Looking at constellations for hours on end

If I breathe this world’s air for the last time
Cremate me and scatter my dust to the wind
So I can be one with the sky
And sparkle just like the stars I hold dear

Panabo-born Benjamin Caspillo III is currently in the trenches of his studies as a University of Mindanao B.A. Communications Student. He does his best to write whenever he can spare a bit of himself.

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