Poetry by | September 20, 2021

is a line
linking years. And

in between, these
minor lines exist:

A line that brings
power to the house.

A line that carries
water to the sink.

A line that gives
breaking news.

A line that allows you
to hear your sweetheart

from afar.
Lines that help

fortune tellers
predict the future.

Lines that are written
on the forehead by time.

Raul G. Moldez writes from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Author of two collections of poetry, A Day in a Poet’s Life and Other Poems and Mga Taho Gikan sa Akong Uniberso, his works have appeared in Philippines Free Press, Philippines Graphic, Philippine Panorama, Sunday Times Magazine, Crowns and Oranges, Kinaadman Journal, Bisaya, Sunstar Weekend, Homelife, Ani Literary Journal, Bituon, Dagmay, Tinubdan, Red River Review, and Sentinel Literary Quarterly, among other publications.

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