Poetry by | September 24, 2017

The caffeine in your head
will make you drop dead.
Timelines in the eyes of the
mind mapped by lies and despise.

Graveyard’s shift for your honey
make way for the tiny memory
in your casket
it’s a hole dug for you.

Muses of the foolish that once roamed
they lived and once owned
every shape and shadow
waving goodbyes and hellos.

Music plays on while they snore
louder than the machine
making time stop and start
at the life of the pitiful
monsters flooding melodies,
conquering dreams,
crying throughout
the phantom of disguise.

The bared and concealed lie
across each other
finding peace among
the wars of the genuine
soldiers fly around the clouds
rivers flow by you
(don’t presume)
when you don’t need it.


Tessa is a Junior clerk at Davao Medical School Foundation Inc. She graduated BS Biology from Univverisity of the Philippines Mindanao.


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