Poetry by | November 20, 2016

Weed, they say
Of the sprout
That blooms in concrete.
Wild, because its color
Is sunkissed.
This weed they curse,
This weed they raise their fists,
This weed they fear.
Yet be the wild blossom
That stands unwavering,
That waltzes with the wind.

Stephanie is a creative writer, blogger, and enthusiast of all things creative. She graduated with a BA in Literature at De La Salle University – Manila. She has attended two Mindanao-based workshops, namely the 1st Cagayan de Oro Writers Workshop (2016) and the 2013 Davao Writers Workshop. She’s currently working on her first work of poetry, Animalia: a collection of animal poetry. The poem, “Wildflower,” is from her collection of works entitled “Found.”

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