Poetry by | May 8, 2016

In hopes of building
a happier character
as a nation, the public

has recently adopted
the general elements
of sitcom as its own

new way of living.
Responsible, law
-abiding, citizens

 are learning to end
their conversations
with punchlines

as punctuation,
day in and day out.
The government

even commissioned
the quarter-hourly
broadcast of canned

laughter on national
And although people

laugh in a hundred
different dialects
in this country,

everyone everywhere
that good comedy

is great tragedy
made hysterical
with time.

This new way cracks
me up every time.
The way an exploding

volcano cracks open
the Earth every time.
The way somebody

slipping on a banana
peel cracks someone
else up every time.

Late at night, just
for kicks, I tune in
to stories about

wars breaking out,
economies breaking
down, and famous

lovers broken
up. Turns out
that peace, money,

and love are a joke
much bigger
than everyone

else’s momma.
When news anchors
fall about, I know

things are getting
a little too funny,
and it is getting

too late. Even for me.
So I turn in, and laugh
myself to sleep.

Wild Allen appeared! Allen used Creative Writing. It’s super effective! Allen Samsuya is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Mindanao with a degree in BA English major in Creative Writing.

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