Poetry by | March 13, 2016

See, we used to argue about reality
How you’d defend the hallmarks of science
That stars do not dictate destiny, history
You name them witnesses, spectator ions
In this cosmic chemistry you and I have called life
And I listen to your marvels, doctrines, stories
For some time, you glorified the way all things work
Being measured in perfect accuracy, yes,
Rational, logical, against my own version
I am not saying you are wrong, you are perfect
We are yin and yang, sky and ground, science and faith
And yet you displaced me out of your universe
So I made my world out of what you lack for me
Where miracles exist, that truth is faceted
Mysteries stay as secrets, defying your views
I tried carving your face from the lights pressed lightly
Among car windows, I tried memorizing
The freckles on your neck among stars of clear night skies
I tried to seep through the cracks of your worldly thought
You can’t stand my poetry, the way the world
Is Conspiring for you to see beauty in these words.
No more arguments, your eyes speak clearer
Than the breakthroughs mankind reached because finally
The reality transcends you, me, each of us

Monique Carillo is a student of University of the Philippines Mindanao.

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