A Leap of Faith

Poetry by | March 1, 2015

1 2 3…1 2 3…1 2 3

Footsteps walking towards her
thunder and rain banging on the roof

Hide inside the closet
too dark to see

Knock, knock, knock

Too scared to get out
“Won’t somebody please come and save me?”
Heart beats fast, blood starts to rise
trying to get out of the darkness

1 2 3…. 1 2 3…. 1 2 3….

close your eyes
take a deep breath
trust no one but yourself

1 2 3…. open your eyes
free your mind
no one can save you but yourself
take the risk
get out there

believe that you can

take your leap of faith.

Ayessa is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Mindanao. She currently works at Offsourcing.

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