To those who Followed the Summons of Poetry

Poetry by | January 12, 2014

They will see us
Gripping the Sands
Falling on our feet
We take them again
In our Cup-Hands
Put all the grains
of sands in a glass
and then slowly
we drink them and

They do not like
What they are seeing
and they shake their
Heads and Hide their
Hands in shame

We tell them wait
We are good people
We’ll show you the
Magic of our craft

We summon the
rain and it comes
We whistle the
wind and it hushes
We clap our hands
and the sun rises on

Our dimples
and then on our
heads above our
hairs the red
carnations begin
to grow.

We tell them
We are sorry
But this is just

In a few seconds
we become like
all of you again.

Ric Bastasa, is presently working as MTC Judge of Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte. He finished his BS Chemistry in Ateneo de Davao and Law in Andres Bonifacio College in Dipolog City.

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