Poetry by | July 28, 2013

inside our pockets
is the privacy of our own stones

outside our faces are the familiarities of
our traditions

when we party
we say the same words actually
we fear
other people’s anger
we cannot afford to disappoint the
visitors of our
common faith

the usual mess will be there
part of the party you know
sometimes we let go
we let loose what is too tight in our necks
we spit what is bitter outside the windows of our

there is always time for restraint in a few glasses of
there is a time to make our mouths shut up
tying our tongues like ropes on
the railings of the house
of civility

personally i do not like this party where we turn into
decent fools
choosing the words
afraid of the truth
always fearing that we should have broken some rules
of engagement

most of the time we deny what our hearts are looking for
cold hands clasps another cold hands
empty heads bang with other empty heads
on hollow sounds of flattery

one time i left the room where the party was going on
it was 11:10 in the evening and it became too intolerable

i need to be alone in order to be free
i imagine you and i love this atonement
when you still do not mind
how i feel

i am complicating it with so much restraint
because even if i am now outside everybody
i still retain
the decency of what is right and wrong which i always
carry around.

Ric Bastasa, is presently working as MTC Judge of Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte. He finished his BS Chemistry in Ateneo de Davao and Law in Andres Bonifacio College in Dipolog City.

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