Future Husbands and Nail Polishes

Fiction by | April 29, 2012

As I am painting my nails on this 26th of January 2012, I wonder what my future husband is doing. He might be someone I haven’t met before. He might be someone who just got his heart broken, sad, angry, and alone.

Or he might be laughing at some joke his girlfriend just said or just buying milk from the grocery.

Or, I might have already met him.

He might be reading a book or pretending to listen to someone drone on and on and wishing I was there beside him. Or he might be thinking the same way as I am. Wondering if she may be the one?

As my nail polish dries and my toes glimmer from the paint, I wish someday I could look back and think that I got one thing right from all those things I just said now.

I don’t know what, but I wish I would be up to it all when it all hits very close to home.

Golda Ceniza is a graduate of San Pedro College and is Registered Nurse. She comes from Digos, the City of Mangoes. This is her first work featured in Dagmay.

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