Sanggutan / Tuba-producing Coconut Tree

Poetry by | May 8, 2011

Aga, kulop,
Umuran, umadlaw,
May bagyo o wara,
Ginlalaoy ka,
Ug ginlilingkuran,
An im palwa,
Agad aparon,
Adton nalabaw,
Nga sasaluron,
Adton duga,
Nga naabid,
Siton mananggite.
   (Hunyo 6, 2010)

Morning, afternoon,
Rain or shine,
Storm or no storm,
He visits you,
Embraces you,
Then climbs up,
And sits
On the palm frond,
And slices the tip,
Of the coconut flower bud,
The juice
That flows
Is then collected
By the tuba gatherer.
   (June 10, 2010)

Si Nemesio “Totoy” Baldesco sakop sa Calbayog Literary Arts Organization (CALAO) sa Samar. Mitambong siya sa Taboan 2011 sa Dabaw.

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