Tomorrow Night

Fiction by | October 3, 2010

He pulled her hand hastily and brought her to a dark alley away from a lonely lamppost.

They walked deeper and deeper towards the shadows until total darkness enveloped them.

He pinned her to the wall, his lips devouring hers, gentle and fierce, then suddenly her tongue forced its way into his mouth. For a moment she felt surprise, then he responded to her excitement. Roughly he pulled her closer, crushing her breasts against him. Tentatively he let one hand cup her breast and she coiled her leg on his hip. He slipped his hand into her dress and under her brassiere.

As she moaned and began to shiver, he felt himself straining painfully against his trousers. He pushed her back against the wall and he fumbled with her dress and one breast sprang free. Grinding against her, his hardness pressed into her mound even through the cloth of his pants.

They were like firebirds in the night. Reaching for the heavens.

Higher and higher they soared.

Then a sudden stop.

“She’ll find out.”


He forced his lips again on her mouth.

She graced his demand for seconds and pulled way.

“You love her.”

He was silent.

She looked up at the night sky while she buttoned her shirt. The moon seemed tired, she thought. Its luminance, so faint, created an abstraction. An abstraction that made the night more enticing than the day as to her.

“I love you.”

She tried to believe it.

No. She believed it.

She fixed her hair. Ran her fingers down to the very wisps and flipped it back.

Now, her face pretends innocence at its peak.

“She loves you.”

“I know.”

“You never loved me.”


“I only exist in your night, never in your days.”

She said it with indifference to veil the pain in her words.

“How long will I wait?”

He was silent.

“You love her.”

He held her hand again, the way a child clasps a frail flower in his palm, soon to wilt. They walked away from the shadows towards the end of the alley illuminated by the lamppost. As they reached the open street, they let go of each others’ hands.


He whispered.

They parted and blended with the night street.

“Yes. Tomorrow.”

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