Your Breakup Kiss

Poetry by | June 27, 2010

Is between my lips and yours
And the rain that bathes us
Unprepared like your parting.
This time, the heat
And prick of fondness is gone.
Bitter like your lipstick
Marking its trace with pain, provoked
By the scent of your breath inducing
Sting to my chest, while my pulse ticks
Weak like my heartbeat. Maybe
Because they too sense that
Here in the street,
Where we first met and kissed,
You will soon leave me
Alone with the sky weeping
Over your footsteps, heavy
As the fall of rain creating
Ripples on this puddled concrete
Like how tears will drop, away from me.

Gino Dolorzo studies at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan.

4 thoughts on “Your Breakup Kiss”

  1. ganda ng poem mo, gino. especially ng discriptions like “bitter like your lipstick” pati “heavy as the fall of rain.”

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