Love Letter for No One

Fiction by | June 7, 2009

I’ve been waiting for a long time.

I used to imagine that when I’d meet the one, I’d be dumbstruck and helpless. I’d be gaping at her as she’d say, “Thanks for waiting. I’m home.”

And then I met you.

I thought it wouldn’t matter. That things wouldn’t change. That maybe I need to wait just a little longer to find the one. But then, things have gone strange lately. I’ve been thinking about you a little bit more today than I did yesterday. And I’m sure you’ll visit my thoughts without permission tomorrow.

That’s not all.

I’ve been having these weird dreams, see? And they always seem to include you and me. Sometimes it’s about you. Sometimes it’s about me. But there’s always both of us in it. And I always wake up just a little bit happier than when I did yesterday.

I’ve seen the bigger picture too.

Now I know that everything’s brighter and more colorful when you’re around. Laughter comes easier when you smile. And everything else becomes more enjoyable. You’ve taken me to see the stars without holding my hand, and you’ve spun the world so I can hear the beating of your heart.

Everything comes naturally.

You wind up my heart so it can beat a few more times for the day. And from that, things go like clockwork. You do this, I feel this; you do that, I feel that. I can’t see anything that could go wrong.

There’s so much we can do.

I can see the two of us painting the town. Vandalizing the streets with every expression of our feelings that we just can’t seem to put into words. We can listen to each other’s hearts and then, just then, we might hear our souls whisper our innermost fantasies to each other.
And maybe you can listen to a song I specifically requested from a radio station.

So will you tell me so that I don’t have to wait any longer?

Marvin Ty is a senior member of the ADDU debate community who has found his way back to music.

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