Poetry by | March 29, 2009

is when you talk to somebody
and you get it right
the moment the first words were uttered.

is like walking on words
like petals as soft as the roses.

is like looking at the mirror
and seeing a face
entirely different from yours
but speaking the same language
treading with the coolness
of a thawing spring,
that gushes,
with a force of a hundred waves
pouring from the deep recesses of the ocean.

is when words meld
like hot molten metal
stirred in a cauldron
of thoughts, pains and joys
that you thought
were secretly only yours.

is when the gateways open
and an angel shouts the deeds
that you have done,
and that now
you are known,
and understood.

are the words
that come forth
from a knowing smile,
you are touched,
you are healed,
you are.

Bliss is your name,
eternal but fleeting.
Bliss is your nature,
from the winds
that ravage
the interiors of your mind,
comes calmness
such as one
that comes with a mighty storm
in a moment
where everything stops
and collects itself.

I am still,
I am tempered
with words that soothes,
that seem to caress the soul,
i am in the moment
of calm appreciation
of the things to come.

your name is a hundred names
that come into my mind.
You are they
who whisper to my ears
words of comfort
and deliverance.
You are they
who see through mirrors
of smoke and mirages
that fool mine sight.
You are they
who pick the burrs
from the heart of hearts
and soul of souls.
You are they
who wet the anguish
of a burning mind.
You understand so i do.

you are my companion
when i trample
on the hot embers
of callous words
that this humanity
spew at my feet.

Bliss you have come.
I am undone.

Brenndon Garino works in Davao City as a reading specialist working with children diagnosed with learning and language disorders. He was born in Mlang, North Cotabato but grew up in Davao City.

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