Whilst I'm Breathing

Poetry by | January 18, 2009

rip me open,
nail me on your bedroom wall;
speak all that’s left unspoken,
or leave me here with nothing at all.

peel off my skin,
take a glimpse at what lies within;
hear my pain, make it sing;
do all these whilst i’m breathing.

rip me open,
or break my every bone;
forsake me, to all that’s forsaken,
or leave me here all alone.

tear open my chest,
trick my heart to keep on beating;
teach me to lie to myself,
do all these, whilst i’m breathing.

hear me cry,
see me die;
don’t you dare close your eyes,
watch me beg for my life,
as you pierce my throat with a rusty knife;
i love you, i swear i won’t ask why-
why it seems like you love to see me die.

Krizia Banosan Garcia is a student of an acceleration program at Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School called Alternative Learning System.

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